NTH Dev Training




LSC-CCU Administrator

Dominique Buckler



LSC-CCU Director

Maca Teale



LSC-CCU Team Formation

Jeny Mather



LSC Executive Director of Rec Programs

Steve Allison



LSC-CCU Developmental Training


The Lonestar Developmental Training Program is a six week program for ages U5-U10 & will include one hour lessons conducted in a healthy, fun and safe environment led by professional Lonestar SC Coaches. LSC Development Training will focus on the basic fundamentals of the game taught through a weekly theme.


Developmental Training is designed to teach the basics of the game - building the foundations at the level that 5-10 year olds can utilize. The Lonestar method promotes touches on the ball with every discipline taught in a challenging game formats, while utilizing professional staff with Lonestar players and up and coming certified trainers as assistants. At the end of every session there will be small sided matches, and throughout the 6 weeks there will be tournaments and other competitions.


***This is included in the registration fees for U7 & U8 players, but will be an additional $35 for the U5-U6 and U9-U10 players wanting to participate


Will begin the week of Monday, February 17th, 2014!


For questions regarding the Developmental training program, please contact Maca Teale