Tyra Cameron

Tyra Cameron

Head Coach



2019-20 Teams

Lonestar 05G White NTH

Lonestar 05G Black NTH

Lonestar 08G AL Red NTH

Lonestar 07G AL Blue NTH

Lonestar 07G LL Sportivita NTH



Austin, Texas

Coaching Licenses

U.S. Soccer National C License
U.S. Soccer National Youth License
U.S. Soccer National D License
U.S. Soccer National E License

Coaching Experience

Head Coach at Lonestar Soccer Club
Assistant Director of Coaching (2013-Present)
Regional ODP Staff (2012-2013)


State 2nd Place 00's (2014-2015)
State 2nd Place 01's (2014-2015)
State 3rd Place 04's (2014-2015)
State 3rd Place 02's (2010-2011)

Playing Experience

Former Lonestar Player
Captain of High School Team
Played at St. Edwards