Mike Duncan Scholarship Fund

Feb 29th 2020

This new scholarship fund was created to honor one of our founders, Mike Duncan, who passed away suddenly in July 2018. Mike Duncan was instrumental in helping launch and grow Lonestar over our rich 15 year history. Mike suddenly passed away a little over a year ago and, in his honor, we have named the scholarship fund after him. Every senior will have the ability to apply for a scholarship and will be recognized at this year's Red & Black Banquet.

Applying for the Scholarship? Click here

From all the monies raised through this year’s Mike Duncan Scholarship Fund fundraising effort, 50% will be disbursed in $500 increments to an even number of graduating boys and girls. For example, if we raise $20,000 this year, we will be giving out $10,000 in scholarships (this would be 10 $500 scholarships for boys and 10 $500 scholarships for girls).

The remaining 50% will go into an endowment fund and reserved as “seed money” for next year’s round of scholarships. The intent is to grow this fund year-over-year, so we can have an even larger impact and provide more scholarships to graduating seniors in subsequent years.


Here’s what graduating seniors can expect over the coming months:

• December 1, 2019 - Application goes live on LSC’s website; seniors to be notified

• February 29, 2020 - Application process closes; no more applications will be accepted

• March 1 - March 31, 2020 - Applications to be reviewed by the scholarship committee

• April 1 - April 15, 2020 - Finalists are invited to in-person interviews with the committee

• April 30, 2020 - Scholarship winners will be notified of their award

• May 5, 2020 - Red & Black Banquet for all graduating seniors.

A pre-banquet reception will be provided for all scholarship winners with photo opportunities and special treats to congratulate them on their hard work and success.


  • Christina Duncan
  • Allen Fincher - LSC’s Executive Director of Business Operations
  • Steve Allison - LSC’s College Placement Coordinator
  • Seth Sather - LSC’s Director of Development
  • Lisa Talbot - LSC’s Events Manager
  • Greg Johnson - LSC Board Member
  • Michael Hardge - The Bottom Line Sports Talk Radio Host


For all graduating seniors who have enrolled and are going to college in the fall of 2020, here are some of the criteria that will be used to determine finalists and scholarship recipients.

• Demonstrated engagement and willingness to participate in this year’s Mike Duncan Scholarship Fund fundraising efforts

• Community involvement and/or volunteerism

• Accepted into and enrolled in a college for the fall of 2020

• Must be a graduating senior

• The scholarship is not contingent on the individual going on to play college soccer

• Must be a current, registered LSC player in good standing with the club

• If a senior has graduated early and is already enrolled in spring 2020 courses, they are also able to apply for the fall 2020 scholarship