50+ Lonestar players recognized by TASCO

May 7th 2018

Congratulations to all Lonestar players awarded in this year's Texas Association of Soccer Coaches Awards.

7 out of the 11 girls recognized in the 2018 All-Central Texas Girls Soccer Team are Lonestar players! Check out the list here.

We also would like to recognize coach Mike Harvey who was named Coach of The Year for District 13-6A! See the list here.

We are very proud of your achievements this season!

Players awarded are listed alphabetically below - Updated 5/11/18:


Grace Andres (99/00G TCL Comp) - 2nd Team All‐State

Kenzie Arrington (01G TCL Comp) -  2nd Team All‐State & Defensive MVP

Hanna Banks (99/00G TCL Comp) - 1st Team All‐Region & Offensive MVP

Abigail Cargile (02G Red NTH) - 2nd Team All-District

Delaney Carrell (01G Red) - 2nd Team All‐State

Alana Clark (02G Red) - 1st Team All‐State

Trinity Clark (02G Red) - Honorable Mention All‐State

Jasper Cohn (99/00G Black) - 1st Team All‐Region

Paige Crossman (99/00G TCL Comp) - Honorable Mention All‐State

Mia Czarnecki (01G Red) - Honorable Mention All‐State

Caroline Gillespie (99/00G TCL Comp)  - 1st Team All‐Region & 1st Team Midfielder

Isabella Granada (02G Red) - 1st Team All-District

Grace Greenly (99/00G TCL Comp) - 1st Team All‐Region & Midfield MVP

Madi Fuller (03G Black NTH) - 2nd Team All-State

Ally Huang (01G Red) - First Team All-District & MVP All-District

Abigail Janicek (03G Red) - 1st Team All‐Region

Katie Leal (99/00G TCL Comp) -  2nd Team All‐Region

Analisa Lujan (03G TCL Comp) - Newcomer of the Year

Hailey Martinez (02G DA Pilot) - 1st Team Midfielder

Leah Martinez (99/00G Red ) - 2nd Team All‐Region & 2nd Team Midfielder

Sophia Picucci (02G Red) - Newcomer of the Year

Jewell Resseguie (99/00G TCL Comp) - Honorable Mention All‐State

Lauren Traywick (01G TCL Comp) - 1st Team All‐Region & 1st Team Goalkeeper

Claire Schafer (00/99G TCL Comp) - First Team All-District & Goalie MVP All-District

Haley Shaw (01G Red) - 1st Team All‐Region & Offensive MVP All-District

Hannah Solano (99/00G Red) - 1st Team Forward

Alivia Sparschu (99/00G Red) - 2nd Team All‐Region

Sophia Valdez (03G Red) - 2nd Team All-District & 2nd Team Defender



Griffin Bacher (99/00B Red) - 1st Team All-District

Bayne Bentley (00B ECNL / DA) - 1st Team All‐State

Armando Botello (00B Black) - 2nd Team All‐District

Austin Branam (99/00B Grey) - 2nd Team All‐State

Christian Casis (01B Black) - 2nd Team All‐District

Case Danzeiser (99/00B Red) - 2nd Team All‐Region

Desi De La Cruz (01B Red) - 2nd Team All‐District

Matthew Demerson (00B ECNL)- 1st Team All‐District

Kevin Chavez (01B Red)- 2nd Team All‐District

Jack Elliott (01B ECNL) - Honorable Mention All‐Region

Ryder Evans (02B ECNL) - Honorable Mention All-District

Devin Francois (00B ECNL) - 1st Team All‐District

Jaron Frye (00B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐State

Max Gonzales (01B ECNL) - 1st Team All‐Region

Mathias Häertling (99/00B Grey) - 1st Team All‐District

Hamurabi Jimenez (01B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐District

Reid Jimenez (00B Black) - 1st Team All-District

Avi Kacker (01B Black) - 2nd Team All‐District

Rushad Khan (01B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐District

Logan Kilbane (99/00B Red) - 1st Team All‐District

Lukas Koppel (01B Red) - 1st Team All‐Region

Javier Landin (00B Red EST) - 2nd Team All‐District

Justin Lang (01B Red) -1st Team All‐District

Sam Laude (00B ECNL) - 1st Team All‐Region

Eric Laware (99/00B Red) - Goalkeeper of The Year

Marcel Lopez-Reed (99/00B Grey) - 1st Team All‐District

Juan Montoya (01B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐District

Alex Ocampo (01B Black) - 1st Team All‐District

Holdan O'Kelley (02B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐District

Carr Panetta (00B Black) - 1st Team All-District

Lance Radtke (99/00B Red) - 2nd Team All-District

Kameryn Roehrig (02B Red) - Newcomer of the year/ First Team All-District

Jaime Rosales (01B Red EST) - 2nd Team All‐District

Allen Ruiz (00B Black) - 1st Team All‐District

Gerardo Santana (00B ECNL) - 2nd Team All‐District

Srihari Saravanan (02B Red) - Newcomer of the Year/1st Team All District

Ryan Traves (02B ECNL) - 1st Team All‐District

Martin Ugarte (00B Red EST) - 1st Team All‐District

Nick Villanueva (00B ECNL) - Honorable Mention All‐Region



If you have a player that should be listed but isn't, please email [email protected] with their name, Lonestar team, and recognition and we will add them ASAP!