Club Accomplishments

May 29th 2018

Lonestar players and teams are successful because they work hard. From Lonestar coaching staff to every player on the field, we plan, we prepare, we train, we develop and support everyone on our team. It is tough, it is hard, but it is worth it when you see the kids train and strive for excellence every day.

As a club, we strive to be the best on and off the soccer field.

To all teams, congratulations on your great achievements! We couldn't be more proud of every team at all levels who worked their heart's out and accomplished greatness - together


Girls National League Program
Advancement to US Club Nationals
99/00G TCL Champions
01G Red TCL Champions
02G Red TCL Champions
03G TCL Champions
Qualification for USYS National League
01G Red SRPL Champions
02G Red SRPL Champions
Qualify into for SRPL
03G TCL SRPL 2nd place
04G TCL SRPL 6th place
Advancement to USYS Regionals
01G Red State Champions
02G Red State Champions
03G TCL State Champions
State Cup Participants
01G TCL 3rd place
04G TCL 2nd place
USC Spring Regional Cup
03G Red NTH 2nd place
USC Spring National Cup
01G TCL 2nd place still game to play
02G Black NTH 3rd place still game to play
03G Red 2nd place
04G TCL 2nd place
04G Red NTH 4th place
U.S. Soccer Development Academy
U17G DA Qualify for U17 Playoffs
Boys National League Program
U14B ECNL - ENPL Nationals - Western
U15B ECNL - NPL Western Finals
U16B ECNL - ENPL Nationals - Western
02B Red - NPL Western Finals
01B Red - ENPL Nationals - Western
Girls Competitive Program
Director's Cup
02G Blue North 2nd Place
05G Black South 3rd Place
President's Cup
05G White North 3rd Place
07G DL Blue North Champions
02G White North 2nd Place
01G White North 4th Place
State Cup
07G De Rossi
06G De Rossi
05G Red
07G Totti 2nd Place
07G Roma 2nd Place
SuperLeague of Austin
07G Sportivita North - Season Champions
06G Silver North - Season Champions
07G Integrita South - Grand Champions
06G Silver North - Grand Champions
Boys Competitive Program
07B Roma - State Cup Champions
07B De Rossi - State Cup Finalists (2nd Place)
06B Round Rock - State Cup Champions
07B Totti - Presidents Cup Finalists (2nd Place)
08B Roma - Presidents Cup (3rd Place)
USC Club
04B Red - USC Club Regional Cup Champions
SuperLeague of Austin
07B Sportivita North - Grand Champions
06B Integrita North - Grand Champions


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