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Lonestar SC Uniforms


Lonestar Soccer Club works with a two year Nike uniform cycle. Information on our current (Fall 2016- Spring 2018) uniform is below:



Mandatory Uniform Package 


The cost of the LSC required uniform package (excluding shipping),is approximately $335.50. The LSC Select Uniform Package must be purchased through soccer.com. The Uniform Package includes two NIKE Dri Fit game jerseys, two pairs of NIKE game shorts, two pairs of NIKE game socks; one NIK​E Dri Fit practice jersey, one pair of practice shorts and one pair of practice socks; one full NIKE warm-up; and one NIKE backpack.  The warm-up and backpack are required pieces of the uniform package. The uniform package includes all practice shorts and socks, which are mandatory.  Additional uniform pieces are available as an option. 



Mandatory GK Package


$347.50 (excludes shipping).  If GK’s are also field players they can buy full GK Package and the game day jerseys separately or the full field player package and the GK jersey separate.  



To Order Your Uniform


You will receive an email with a link to our Lonestar Soccer Club Eurosport page in late May, for U11’s, and in early June for U12-U18’s.  Follow the link to your player’ individual uniform order form.  Uniform numbers (#) will be assigned by the club this year due to new club pass rules and dual rostering across associations.  This change has been implemented to minimize unnecessary and costly # changes and/or jersey purchases throughout this uniform cycle.  You will need to choose each required uniform piece (listed above), as well as ordering any optional uniform pieces (see Eurosport).  Once you have all required uniform pieces, please checkout and complete your order using your credit card # and including your mailing address.  All uniform pieces will be shipped directly to you in about two (2) weeks.


If you misplace or lose your uniform order link please call or email your team manager and they can generate another link from the Eurosport website.  DO NOT use another player’s uniform order link.


If you have questions or would prefer to place your uniform order over the phone, please call Eurosport directly at: 1-877-308-7989



Need a Uniform Order Link?


If you have joined a Lonestar team and simply cannot find your uniform link, please contact your team manager.