Girls' Showcase Rules & Check In


Showcase Rules

pdf document





Team managers should print and review the Showcase rules prior to arrival.


Team check in for this event will be at the Headquarters tent at Town and Country at least 45 minutes prior to the team's first game.  ALL TEAMS must check in--there are no exceptions.


Managers or a team representative must have the following to properly check in the team:


  • Copy of the signed, official team roster
  • The tournament director will keep this copy;
  • Each player participating in the tournament must be on this roster;
  • Guest players may be handwritten on the roster;
  • Name, DOB, jersey number, player ID (from current player card)
  • Current, laminated player card for each player including guests
  • USYS and US Club Soccer cards cannot be mixed in the same team.  If the team roster is USYS then all player cards (including guest players) must be USYS.  If the team roster is a US Club Soccer roster then all player cards must be US Club.
  • This event is sanctioned for acceptance of both types of teams, but the players and guest players on each team must have the same registration type.
  • This pdf form should be completed prior to arrival to speed your check in.
  • Travel Permit (if team is traveling from outside of STYSA)
  • Travel permits are handled differently in each organization.
  • Teams should seek travel approval early as some organizations have a 30-day approval request period.