Girls' Showcase Rules & Check In



Rules and Check In



Showcase Rules

Team managers should print and review the Showcase rules prior to arrival.




For every team regardless of how you check in your team



Team check in for this event will be at the Headquarters tent at Town and County Soccer Complex  close to field 20 at least 45 minutes prior to the team's first game or on line.  ALL TEAMS must check in--there are no exceptions.


Online check in MUST be completed by noon on 2/1.  After that deadline all teams must check in at the fields on Saturday 45 minutes prior to your first game.



Online check in 

This process will be through got soccer only. NO emails and NO faxes will be accepted.

What you will need to complete the process.

  a.  Download and complete the REQUIRED - Check In Form (Above)

  b.  Your official - association approved roster 

     Your State roster or US Club roster.

     This roster must match your event roster for the Showcase

 c. One document with all player cards (Front)

 d.  One document with any and all guest player documentation.


1. Login into your team got soccer account

2. Click on the HOME tab - in the top left corner

3. In the middle of the page you will see Event Registration History Click on 2017 LSC Girls Showcase

4. Click on the last tab DOCUMENTS

5.  Upload all documents.

     a. Team check in sheet

     b. Official association roster

     c. Player cards 

     d.  If you have guest players all guest player documentation.


**Please remember you must have all of these items available at ALL events games for inspection.