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Lonestar SC Select Soccer Program


The Lonestar SC 'Select Soccer Program' is renowned throughout the country as a player development program with a mission, 'Winning Through Development'.


Each year around 2,000 players play on around 140 competitive soccer teams aged U'11 to U'19 at the various levels of play (National, Premier, State, DI, SII, DII).


The select program at LSC has a great history of success on the field, the pinnacle of which is the 91G Red winning the USYSNC National Championship in 2010, and the 96G ECNL winning the ECNL National Championship in 2011.


At every age group, Lonestar SC aims to have at least one team in every level of play, and in many cases actually has multiple teams within certain levels of play.


Why is this important? Player Development.


The reality is each player is unique, they develop at different rates. The opportunity to provide any player with any level of play, ensures we can get all players in the best place for their development. It also means, that when a player needs to move up a level of play because they have developed very quickly over the last six months we can do it. Likewise if a player is finding it difficult and needs more playing time and a slightly slower speed of play, we can do it. Player movement exists to benefit the players, at Lonestar SC it happens without friction between coaches, administrators or parents from 'competing' clubs.


Additionally, having teams across multiple levels of play in an age group creates competition between our players for roster spots. This is healthy, it develops a competitive mindset, it demands hard work from each player and it raises the bar that players set for themselves and for one another. This is a terrific life lesson for our players, much bigger than a game of soccer and it isn't always easy. Learning to manage success and failure, while continuing to develop and improve is a critical piece of the development process, for all of our players.


At the select level of play there are increased expectations on our players and families. There is an increased time commitment and an increased cost commitment. All teams are coached by professional coaches, following the Lonestar SC Technical Development Cycles.


Our coaches focus on developing each player and each team, in the knowledge that continued player development will lead to winning soccer games. Winning soccer games, isn't the be all and end all, but it is fun for players and teams and it is undoubtedly a part of being a successful, competitive soccer player, team and club. Player Development comes first, winning follows. 'Winning Through Development'.


The Lonestar SC College Placement Program is a key component of our Select Soccer Program. Approximately 100 players per year graduate from Lonestar SC on to DI, DII & DIII College Teams.


Select teams currently train at 5 locations throughout Austin.


St Stephens::Steiner Ranch::Town & Country::Westcreek::Williamson County Regional Park::Justin Lane


For general program details or questions, please contact the appropriate Select Soccer Director of  Coaching.


Elite Boys Programs - Vic Pace

    United States Soccer Development Academy

    Texas Pre-Academy League

    Southern Regional Premier League West

    United Soccer Club Champions League

Elite Girls Programs - Wes Schevers

    Elite Clubs National League

    Southern Regional Premier League West

    United Soccer Club Champions League

State Classic League & Division I Boys - Allen Fincher

State Classic League & Division I Girls - Eric Stilley

Super II & Division II Boys - Alfie Gutierrez

Super II & Division II Girls - KC Crabb


Email Llisa White if you have registration or admin questions, or call 512.336.5425 x3

Email Sheila Ross if you have player account questions, or call 512.336.5425 x2