Cap City FAQs



Cap City FAQs


  1. How do I create an EVENT Roster?  Navigate to the event application from your team GotSoccer account.  Once in the event application, navigate to the roster tab.  You should see a drop down option to select the roster you would like to use for the event.  Use the drop down to select "event roster" then enter your player information.  You should be able to select players from your league roster and add guest players if you have them.   Most organizations lock out default or league rosters so it is important to create an event roster if you intend to use guest players.  
  2. Can I register my team after the deadline?     Yes.  The registration link will remain open however teams that register after the deadline may be waitlisted.  The tournament director will review late registrations but may waitlist teams depending on several factors--including late registration.   For this reason it is best to register as early as possible.
  3. When will I know if my team has been accepted?  Teams are generally accepted once the team registration fee has been received. 
  4. Can my team commute or stay with friends/family?  Yes.  The tournament requires that all out of town teams make hotel accommodations through Anthony Travel if they book hotel rooms.  Teams found in violation of this rule may be disqualified from the tournament and will forfeit the registration fee.  
  5. Can I pay for my team registration online?  Yes.  The event application in GotSoccer will allow you to select pay by check or pay by credit card payment methods.  If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to select this method and enter your credit card information.  GotSoccer will not charge your card immediately.   GotSoccer simply retains your information so that the tournament director can batch the credit card transaction when the team is accepted into the event.  Remember, teams are generally not accepted into the event until payment has been received.
  6. Do team managers need to provide gamecards?  No.  The tournament will print gamecards and provide them to the referee site coordinator.  The referee will be responsible for returning the gamecard to the tournament director.  Review the rules document for additional information.
  7. Can a player participate in the tournament if he/she is wearing a hardcast?  No.  This is a strict STYSA policy.  Under no circumstances will players with hardcasts be permitted to play.  Review the  tournament rules document and/or STYSA policy for additional information.   This rule will be enforced regardless of the team affiliation (USYS or US Club).