Jr ECNL Rules and Check In

Rules and Check In



2014-2015 ECNL Competition Rules

(Exhibit E, page 28, is specific to JR ECNL Competition)


Team CHECK IN Form

(Print and Complete prior to Check In)


US Club Soccer sanctions all Jr ECNL competitions.  All players participating in the Jr ECNL brackets must be carded with a valid US Club Soccer Pass.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  Teams participating in the "Exhibition" brackets may use US Club Soccer or USYS cards and rosters.  Teams cannot mix both types of cards on a single team--this includes guest players.


All teams will play 3 games.  Based on resources some teams will play 2 games Saturday and 1 game Sunday and others will play 1 game Saturday and 2 games Sunday.  All games will be two 35 minute halves with a five minute halftime and 10 minutes between games.


Teams can use any player in the club that is eligible.  Maximum roster size is 18.  Players may play for multiple teams in the event, but may only play for one team in a given day.  Teams and players in the Jr ECNL brackets cannot play in the Exhibition brackets.  Further, Exhibition teams and players cannot play in the Jr ECNL brackets.


Review the document linked above for more detail regarding the rules of this competition.


Team check in for this event will be at the Headquarters tent at Slaughter Creek Park at least 45 minutes prior to the team's first game.  ALL TEAMS must check in--there are no exceptions.


Managers or a team representative must have the following to properly check in the team:

  • Copy of the signed, official team roster

·           The tournament director will keep this copy;

·           Each player participating in the tournament must be on this roster;

·           Guest players may be handwritten on the roster;

·           Name, DOB, jersey number, player ID (from current player card)

  • Current, laminated player card for each player including guests

Teams in the Jr ECNL brackets must have US Club Soccer cards and rosters.  Teams in the Exhibition brackets may use USYS or US Club Soccer cards but cannot mix types on the same team.  That means if the team roster is USYS then all player cards (including guest players) must be USYS;  If the team roster is a US Club Soccer roster then all player cards must be US Club.  

·         To speed your team check in, this pdf form should be completed prior to arrival.

  • Travel Permit (if USYS team traveling from outside of STYSA)

·           Travel permits are handled differently in each organization.

·           If applicable, teams should seek travel approval from their organization early as some organizations have a 30-day approval request period.  (US Club teams are not required to have a travel permit.)