Lost & Found




Lost and Found is kept at the Lonestar Office. Please call the North office or email info@lonestar-sc.com for inquiries of items you've lost or found and we will try to track it down or return it to its owner. Please drop any items off to our North office located on Hymdeadow Dr.


If you have lost an item please come and take a look through lost property at the office.

***Items will be kept until the end of the month and donated to charity on the 1st of each month.



Call: 512.336.5425 or email: info@lonestar-sc.com





Please send item details


  • Item description
  • Location/field where lost
  • Date when lost
  • Contact name & number


Please send item details


  • Item description (photo if possible)
  • Location/field where found
  • Date when found
  • Contact name & number