Communication Flow



To understand why our organizational structure and communication flow exist, it helps to understand what drives Lonestar SC.


The Lonestar SC Mission and Vision revolve around developing young people, to help them succeed both on and off the soccer field. We have a Board of Directors which guides the strategic direction of the club, with input from our Executive Directors and Doc’S. Our Executive Directors are all responsible for implementing the club strategic direction in line with our mission for our families. Our DoC’s each manage their division with their program directors and staff on a day to day basis. Our coaching staff each manages their own teams and players on a day to day basis.


Our Mission and Vision lead us to a philosophy based around long term player development and emphasize the importance of working hard and striving to be successful, while enjoying playing soccer. Each soccer program is a clearly defined step in our ‘Player Developmental Pathway’. Each step in the pathway is fun, exciting and help kids lead a healthy active lifestyle. Some players never leave the recreational step, others become pro soccer players. Our professional staff understands where each player fits, developmentally, on the pathway and opportunities exist for every player to progress. The Players, ultimately, will create and define their own pathway.



Lonestar SC Leadership & Organizational Structure – Depending upon whether your questions are soccer related or administrative, the basic organizational chart highlighting the communication flow is shown here. Specifically regarding your young soccer player, email and text are useful forms of communication, however scheduled face to face conversations are often much more efficient and effective.


Player Parent Concern Process – If you have a concern, it is important to follow the organizational chart in addressing your concern. We have a Player-Parent Concern Process to help you escalate a problem appropriately, depending upon whether it is a Select, Jr. Academy, Recreational or Administrative concern. Please CLICK HERE to download the form.




I’m New to Lonestar… Who Do I Speak To?


If you are new to Lonestar SC, the folowing table will help direct you to the staff member you need to speak with. Alternatively, call the office at 512-366-5425 and we can help direct you to the appropriate person.