'Lonestar Soccer Club has been a vital element in the growth of youth soccer in South Texas and in particular the Austin area. Lonestar's programs have contributed to the skill development of players at all levels of soccer from recreational to competitive. More importantly they have instilled the values of good sportsmanship and fair play in their players as well.'

- Chris Delay, President, South Texas Youth Soccer Association


'Lonestar Soccer is a fantastic club. It is not just a soccer center of excellence, it is also a great place where young men and women can develop into future leaders. This is accomplished by teaching them the relevance of teamwork, the importance of decision making, and how to set goals on and off the field.'

- Eddie Seade, M.D.

'Lonestar Soccer Club does a great job of not only teaching young people athletics but also values and developing character.'

- Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole

'Since its founding in 2004, the Lonestar SC has been on the forefront of creating and expanding opportunities for select soccer players in the greater Austin area. Serving players from all parts of the city, Lonestar has consistently achieved by fielding nationally recognized teams and placing its players into college programs at all levels of play, while also partnering with recreational programs to improve the experience of even the youngest players. Lonestar fills a great community need by providing competitive opportunities to Austin area soccer players at all level.'

- Scott Placek, President-elect. Capitol Area Youth Soccer Association 

'Our office would like to express our gratitude for your team's commitment to our local sports scene. The Lonestar Soccer Club has always been a great addition to Austin's commitment to a healthy community and an excellent developer of young people. We recognize that Lonestar is looking into the possibility of developing a new soccer facility for the area in the near future. Our job is to recruit sporting events in to the Austin area, so we fully support a new venue that can become a much-needed addition to an area lacking in sports facilities. 

We pride ourselves on Austin's great reputation of entertaining and hosting many athletes in all kinds of sports year-round. We feel that your project will allow the city to secure even more events and thus, boost the local economy with direct spending to hotels, restaurants and merchants across the region. 

Please keep us posted on your development. Know that all of us at that the Austin Sports Commission and the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau are eager to become partners in attracting visitors and new customers to a potential facility. Austin is becoming a strong market for hosting sporting events and we look forward to working with Lonestar Soccer to build on that reputation. '

- Matthew Payne, Executive Director, Austin Sports Commission

'Thank you so much for all you have done with my son. He started off shy and not wanting to play soccer, I don't know what you said or did but now he loves it and smiles whenever he is with your coaches.'

- Recreational Soccer Parent

I have had the privilege of watching my two daughters (U14 and U10) develop over many years under the Lonestar SC program. The Club's overall focus is on a players big picture development, emphasizing the importance of having a sound foundation of the game, targeting one's technical skill, physical conditioning and strategic thinking. 

The Club's pays special attention to continuous player development. Throughout the course of the season, Lonestar will find the most competitive environment right-sized for a player's current skill level. They will target the practices, training sessions and games to help the player achieve their individual next level goals. The coaches I have been around engage each player in the intellectual aspects of the game, challenging them to think strategically on the field. It is clear that the Lonestar staff have a combined breadth and depth of global soccer expertise that helps set high expectations for the game to be played properly with skill, sportsmanship and integrity.

To the coaches that my daughters have worked with, a poorly played game that is won is of less value in developing their overall game than one that was well played but a loss. It's all about the players' long-term success. Lonestar SC produces a quality in their players that allows them to be very productive and effective teammates on any Club or School teams that they may play with in their future. 

- Jon Aurit

'My sons have gained incredible soccer skills but beyond that they learn great life lessons like how to overcome adversity, work hard, and respect others. They feel they are a part of a large family of coaches and players who support and care for them. They have also made friendships with kids that they wouldn't have otherwise even met.' 

- Kathy Gehman 

'Our daughter Laci has been with Lonestar SC for almost 3 years. She began in their junior academy program and is now in their select program. The coaching staff at Lonestar has been phenomenal, not only at developing the skills to improve her as a soccer player but also teaching her valuable lessons about self worth, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Lonestar encourages players to not only work hard on the field but off the field as well. They give players a plethora of additional programs beside team training to attend from speed and agility, to goalie training, and strength and conditioning. Lonestar SC has been great to be a part of and we look forward to many more years with the organization.'

- Mark Goocher

'I had a great experience with Lonestar Soccer club. I played for Lonestar 93 for 8-9 years and loved it. I had wonderful coaches who I still keep in touch with and loved my teammates. The training was great and the level of play was great to help me get to the next level of soccer.'

- Julie Arnold Lonestar 93G ECNL

'We have been a part of the Lonestar SC for 8 years plus. It has been a great experience for me and my family. Being able to play soccer all over the United States and Germany. WOW what a ride! My daughter is now going to be able to fulfill her dream of playing soccer on a scholarship at Texas State University. Every coach on the staff is top notch! Best club in the state.'

- Steve Allen Father of Taylor Allen

'Our daughter started with Lonestar Soccer when she was 11 and has had a tremendous amount of success throughout her years with the club. The coaching staff was instrumental in her development and the club was both accommodating and supportive of her team and the team's successes. Our daughter will be playing soccer in college, with much kudos to the club's reputation and exposure they give their teams.'

- Steve and Anita Jackson

'In 2005/2006 I will never forget taking McKinze out to WCRP in early Spring to meet Coach Tommy St. John and Coach Maca. During the session, McKinze was both challenged by the competition and encouraged by the coaches. At the end of the visit, Coach Maca told me that whatever we did, we should encourage McKinze to be creative with the ball. Fast forwarding to 2014, it is amazing how much McKinze and Julian have grown as players and more importantly as young men since joining the Lonestar Family. We are Lonestar'

- Gaines Family

'I have 2 children with Lonestar SC a 9 year old boy and 12 year old girl. Both of them are at different levels of play but I feel that the attention and quality of coaching is very appropriate to age and skill level. The life lessons along with quality coaching is what I like most about Lonestar Soccer Club.'

- Darlene Pace mother of Keagn 9 yr old boy and Megan 12 yr old girl

Our daughter, Katie Turner has been a part of Lonestar Soccer for the past 8 years. We moved to the Austin area when she was 9 and went looking for a good soccer program for her. She had been playing soccer since she was 6. We found Lonestar Soccer but we could not afford it. We applied for the financial aide and Katie was awarded a scholarship. After 1 year playing Lonestar's Katie announced to us that she wanted to play soccer in college. And that dream has come true. This fall she will attend HBU on a full scholarship. She never could have obtained this dream without the assistance and training that she received at Lonestar. Thank you so much for everything.' 

- Dan & Karen Turner

'Our experience with Lonestar has been outstanding as we have watched our daughter flourish at Lonestar. Kassi joined Lonestar post academy age as she was in competitive gymnastics and recreational soccer. She decided to focus on soccer with Lonestar and started her career on the silver team. Over the course of a few years and development at Lonestar she advanced from silver, gold, white, blue, red and eventually the Lonestar 96 ECNL 2011 National Championship team. Kassi will continue her soccer career at Texas State University. This is a great example of Lonestar "winning through development.'

- Robert Hormuth

'LSC is a phenomenal organization. It has brought great joy to our family. We have two daughters. Our oldest daughter played for coach Rob F, and our youngest is currently playing for coach JD. LSC has helped mold our daughters in to responsible young adults and has taught my husband and myself to be encouraging parents. LSC does so much for our community. Our lives would not be the same without LSC. WE ARE LONESTAR!'

- Christy Oliver

'My son Stephen has played soccer since Kindergarten, moving into the Lonestar Academy program in 5th grade in 2006. Through Lonestar development, he has been trained to play different positions including Forward, Defender and Goalkeeper. Under Coach Steve Bailey, this training also has helped with making him a Varsity player from his freshman year and the leadership to make him Captain this year as a Senior. He also has been recruited from several different colleges and will play this fall at the collegiate level.' 

- Judi Guastella