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Lonestar Jr. Academy Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Lonestar Jr. Academy?

The Jr. Academy is for boy and girl soccer players between the ages of 5-10 who are looking for more of a challenge than recreational soccer as they prepare for select soccer, with professional coaches and the Jr. Academy competitive league.


The league is referred to as the Jr. Academy because Lonestar Soccer Club also has a “Sr. Academy” program at the U12, U13, U14, U15/U16, and U17/U18 age groups that participate in the US Soccer Federation Development Academy national league.


How many players participate in the Lonestar Jr. Academy program and how many locations are there?

The Lonestar Jr. Academy, along with our partner Westlake Youth Soccer Association, train over 1,600 players between 5-10 years of age at 8 different locations throughout Austin: Town & Country (north central), Westcreek (south), Williamson County Regional Park (north), Steiner Ranch (west), Justin Lane CBA (central), and Leander (northwest).


How many teams are in the Lonestar Jr. Academy

It varies from season to season, but there are between 100-120 teams that play in the Jr. Academy League in Austin. The Lonestar Jr. Academy program is the largest Jr. Academy program in Texas.


When can my son/daughter join the Lonestar Jr. Academy and are they ready for the Jr. Academy?

The Lonestar Jr. Academy is for players that are looking for more of a challenge than recreational soccer. Players can sign up for the Fall Season (August-November) or Spring Season (February-May). If your son or daughter is not registered but would like to join, contact the local Site Director (listed at bottom of FAQs) and they will invite your player out to a session. At that point the Site Director can let you know if the Jr. Academy would be a good fit for your child.


What is the cost?

The Jr. Academy cost is $420 in the fall for the 13-14 week season, plus and additional $25 fee for the Fall 2017 Tournmanent. The season consists of two training sessions a week (for 12 weeks), plus one or two games a weekend (for 8-10 games a season).


The Jr. Academy cost is $420 in spring for the 13-14 week season ($420 + additional $25 end of spring season tournament fee).


Are uniforms provided and what equipment does my player need?

Players must purchase the Lonestar Jr. Academy uniform kit (which is separate from the registration fee). The uniform is a one-time purchase of around $100 and can be worn for each Jr. Academy season in which the player participates. For each practice and game players need soccer specific shoes (cleats or turf shoes), a size 4 soccer ball (size 3 for U5/U6), shinguards (worn under the socks), and a water bottle.


Is it possible to come into the Jr. Academy with a friend and play on the same team?

Yes, for a player’s first season, the Jr Academy Site Directors will note any teammate requests to play on the same team with a friend. If the two players are at the same level of play they may remain together; however, if the players are at different playing levels, the Site Director will visit with the parents to make sure they understand the playing options for their children in the future.


Can a rec team sign up as a Jr Academy team?

Yes, rec teams are allowed to come into the Jr Academy and may stay together for the first season (if that is the desire of the families). If all the players on the team have the same ability they may remain together into future season; if the team has individuals with different levels of ability, those players and parents will be communicated with about their options from the Site Director.


Can our rec parent volunteer coach in the Jr Academy?

Yes, the Jr Academy Site Directors will visit with the parent volunteers about potential roles within the Jr. Academy program where help is needed.


Who coaches the teams and are they certified?

All Jr. Academy soccer teams are coached by the professional Lonestar Jr. Academy staff; all coaches are KidSafe certified and must complete a Lonestar training course to be considered, as well as a completed coaching youth licence within the 1st year of coaching.


How are teams formed?

The first two weeks of the season are an evaluation period that the Jr. Academy staff will use to place players on teams based on skill and ability. Each family will receive an email at the end of the second week of the season notifying them of their team and the coach who will be assigned to the team.


What is the practice and game format and when does the season start/finish?

Teams have two training sessions (60-75 minute sessions) each week for a 12 week season.


Fall Jr. Academy Season: Starts the last week in August and finishes the first weekend of December.

Spring Jr. Academy Season: Starts in early February and finishes with U11 select tryouts in mid-May.


Age groups & Formats

U5 - 5v5 (goalkeeper + 4 field players)

U6 - 5v5 (goalkeeper + 4 field players)

U7 - 5v5 or 7v7 (goalkeeper + 6 field players)

U8 - 7v7 (goalkeeper + 6 field players)

U9 - 7v7 or 9v9 (goalkeeper + 8 field players)

U10 - 7v7 or 9v9 (goalkeeper + 8 field players)


What is the practice schedule and game schedule?

Schedules for practice vary by locations and can be found on the Jr. Academy Schedules page. Game schedules are completed the week following team formation (typically the 3rd week).


How many games are in the season?

Teams will have 8-10 games per season.


When and Where will the games be played ?

All the Jr. Academy games will be played at your teams' training location and also the other training locations. We will have taken strides to eliminate to overall travel required for teams, and all games are in the Austin area (e.g. we will avoid a team from the Leander location playing games in Buda).


What size ball is used?

U5-U6 players and teams in the Jr. Academy use a size 3 ball.

U7-U10 players and teams in the Jr. Academy use a size 4 ball.


Are there trophies and/or team picture?

Yes, trophies/medals are provided at the end of the season. There are no team pictures.


Are there any extra or additional opportunities for players?

Yes, the Jr. Academy players can also attend private training (fees vary) for technical training (contact Vijay Dixit, vdixit@lonestar-sc.com) and speed/agility training through Meyer Athletic Development. Also, there are several leagues at the Northwest Soccer turf facility.


Who do I contact if I have further questions about the Jr. Academy Program in season or out of season?

Please  contact the Site Directors of each location where your child will be playing or currently plays Jr. Academy, if you have any questions about the program.


Vijay Dixit (vdixit@lonestar-sc.com) - Town & Country and Lonestar Jr. Academy Program Director

JD Whittemore (jwhittemore@lonestar-sc.com) - Westcreek or Buda

Ron Gonzales (rgonzales@lonestar-sc.com) - Williamson County Regional Park or Steiner Ranch

Sam Wormald (swormald@lonestar-sc.com) - Justin Lane

Chris Alexander (calexander@lonestar-sc.com) - Leander (Northwest)

Robert Lopez (rlopez@lonestar-sc.com) - Taylor

Troy Rapps (trapps@lonestar-sc.com) - Lonestar Round Rock






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