24 Hour Marathon








November 14&15




Round Rock Sports Center

2400 Chisholm Trail 

Round Rock,

TX 78681










Lonestar SC 24 Hour Marathon




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We are once again raising funds for our youth through the 24 Hour Soccer Marathon. The primary fundraising cause is our Financial Aid Program, which each year helps fund participation in our select soccer program for kids who demonstrate financial need.


Each year we also partner and support another youth organization in Austin. This year, we continue to build on our recent efforts to help develop soccer and college opportunities for East Austin youth soccer players. We have a very specific goal with East Austin Soccer Club (EASC)...to develop the Tillery Fields into a safe and healthy place for the young EASC players to practice and play. Currently the fields have no irrigation system which creates numerous problems - one being a serious health concern with the amount of dust in the air when the kids take to the practice and game fields.


The purpose of the 24 Hour Soccer Marathon is to raise funds for these two causes while also educating our players on the importance of investing in the community and supporting charity. The benefits and positive effects of playing youth sports, at any level, and leading an active and health lifestyle have never been more evident than in today's society.


The East Austin Soccer Club (EASC)

The East Austin Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization working to provide soccer and guidance to youth soccer players from the under-served East Austin Area. Lonestar SC & EASC are committed to creating and developing increased opportunity for kids to participate in youth soccer at all levels of play, including the highest competitive levels of soccer. 

During 2015-16 Lonestar SC, EASC and St. Stephens are exploring the possibility of creating a tutoring program, led by SSES, LSC & EASC Players, who will provide tutoring support to East Austin Soccer Club players aged 10 through 15.

The EASC coaches are volunteers that dedicate their time to providing their knowledge and skills of soccer to the youth/players. LSC provides support through DoC’s, coaches and administrators to EASC and is committed to ‘Raising the Bar’, o
n and off the field, for all Lonestar East and EASC soccer players. For more information, visit www.eastaustinsoccer.com.


Lonestar SC Financial Aid Program


The Lonestar Financial Aid Program exists because of our belief that every child deserves the opportunity to play soccer and to strive for succes - not only on the field, but beyond it. Research clearly shows that children who participate in team sports have lower drop-out rates, lower occurrences of substance abuse, higher grades in the classroom, and higher levels of character development and self esteem than their peers who do not engage in team sports. The postive impact of participating in sports is obvious and important in shaping the youth of our community.


Each year Lonestar SC awards over $140,000 from the LSC Financial Aid Program to as many as 300 families so that they are able to participate in youth soccer. None of this is possible without our sponsors, donors, and the 24 Hour Marathon. Thank you for your continued support!


What is the 24 Hour Marathon Event?


This year’s 24 Hour Soccer Marathon is November 14&15 . During the marathon event, Lonestar Soccer Club will play soccer continuously for 24 hours, with each LSC team participating for a forty five minutes. Our overnight group is the 02 & 03 boys. Players in these age groups will stay from 11 pm - 7 am for the lock-in (sign up details to follow). The marathon schedule will be created around regular scheduled league games and all players and teams are expected to participate in the marathon unless playing and staying out of town.


Fundraising Details


The fundraising period is October 1st – November 7th (for prizes) followed by the 24 Hour Soccer Marathon on November 14 & 15. Each Lonestar Player is encouraged to raise at least $100 in donations for the event.  Each team has a ‘Team Marathon Coordinator’ for this event; this person is the key contact for questions and club communication during this fundraising period.