24 Hour Marathon





Fundraising: Oct 1. - Nov 11

Marathon: Nov. 19 - 20




Round Rock Sports Centre 

2400 Chisholm Trail

Round Rock

Texas, 78681















Lonestar Tenth Annual 24-Hr Soccer Marathon


The time has come! The time of year when our players work together to fundraise for our 24-Hour Soccer Marathon Event, benefiting the LSC Financial Aid Program. This is our 10th Annual 24-Hour Soccer Marathon and we hope it will be our most successful yet.  


Each year we ask our families to support this event by encouraging your LSC player to participate in the fundraising throughout October and early November; So far this year, we have given over $230,000 to our players in Financial Aid, 100% of the profits raised from this event will benefit the Financial Aid Program while also educating our players on the importance of investing in the community. The benefits and positive effects of playing youth sports, at any level, and leading an active and healthy lifestyle, have never been more evident than in today's society.


What is the 24-Hour Soccer Marathon Event?

This is the one time of year that we ask all of our select teams to come together to help fundraise.  In order to have the biggest impact possible, we encourage participation from each player.    


The fundraising period is October 1st - November 11th, followed by our 24-Hour Soccer Marathon which takes place November 19th-20th. During the marathon event, Lonestar Soccer Club will play soccer continuously for 24 hours, with each LSC team participating for a 45 minute time slot in a 24-hour-period. Our overnight group will be the '03 and '04 Girls. These teams will stay from 11 pm - 7 am for the lock-in this year (details to follow). We do realize that many teams may be playing regular season games over marathon weekend and we will do our best to work around game schedules.  Teams are expected to participate in the marathon unless playing and staying out of town.  


Lonestar Financial Aid Program

The Lonestar Financial Aid Program was created with the idea that every child who desires to become a champion has the opportunity for success, not only on the field, but in life as well. Research has proven that children who participate in team sports have lower drop-out rates, lower occurrences of substance abuse, higher grades in the classroom, and higher levels of character development and self-esteem than their peers who do not engage in team sports.  The impact of participating in athletics is obvious and important in shaping the youth of our community. This year Lonestar SC has awarded over $230,000 in financial aid, to over 300 families, at all levels of play, so that they are able to participate in youth soccer. None of this is possible without our sponsors and your fundraising efforts. Thank your support!


Fundraising Details:

The fundraising period is October 1st - November 11th and each Lonestar Player is encouraged to raise at least $125 in donations for the event.  Each team has a Fundraising Coordinator who will oversee the team’s fundraising; this person is the key contact for questions and club communication during this fundraising period.


To ease the fundraising experience, Lonestar has teamed with FirstGiving.com and created an event webpage. Click the link below to view our page:




All team names have been pre-entered on this site and each player must join their team and create their own personalized fundraising page. Set-up is quick and easy and allows players to email their personalized fundraising page link to friends and family, as well as social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  



Set-up Instructions:  All players must set up their account by Friday September 30!


Click the link below to get started:



o Click on the red 'Join Now' button

o Login or create a FirstGiving account (use your player’s name)

o Join a team (Teams are pre-entered, select yours from the dropdown menu- Do not create a team )

o Create your personal FirstGiving fundraising page (you can go back and customize at any time)

o Share via social media to help fundraising!


Players will also receive a collection envelope from their coach. Please use the collection envelope for checks, money orders (made payable to Lonestar Soccer Club) and cash.   Lonestar Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, Tax ID #20-1201450. All donations are tax deductible.