Lonestars 00B Red STH

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Texas Rush Cup - Houston TX


8/16 - 8/17




Saturday, August 16, 2014
10:30AM#97003   Lonestars 00B Red STH   U15 BOYS OPEN Rush Cup Fields Carl Barton 5 (RC)  
  HFC 00 Red  
6:00PM#97005   SLSC United FC   U15 BOYS OPEN Rush Cup Fields Carl Barton 5 (RC)  
  Lonestars 00B Red STH  
Sunday, August 17, 2014
12:00PM#97007   Lonestars 00B Red STH   U15 BOYS OPEN Rush Cup Fields Carl Barton 6 (RC)  
  Texas Rush 99/00B  


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Fall Practice Schedule

Team practice begins August 11, 2014

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm on Westcreek Field 4

- Bring size 5 ball, water and shin guards
- Wear black practice shorts and socks with the Lonestar training jersey

Fall  Season Play Begins , 2014

For planning purposes, boys will need to arrive at games 45 minutes prior to kick off.

Uniform Colors
- Home games = Black
- Away games = White
- Always bring both



Helpful links

North East Metropolitan Park
North East Metropolitan Park field layout

CE McAllister Park
CE McAllister Park Field Layout

STAR Soccer Complex
STAR Soccer Complex Field Layout

Slaughter Field Layout

East metro
East Metro Field Layout

Williamson County Regional Park
Williamson County Regional Park Field Layout

Schertz Soccer Complex
Schertz Soccer Complex field layout

Westcreek Field Layout

Onion Creek
Onion Creek field layout

Schedules & Scores


2013 Texas Rush Cup
Boys U14 Competative

2013 Copa Lonestar San Antonio Tournament
Boys U13 Gold B Bracket

2012 Capital City Classic
Boys U13 Mercurial

2012 ALDC 00B Gold B Bracket

2011 ALDC 99B Bronze Bracket



Shane Maguire

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Team Manager

Eric Roe

email Eric Roe

Team Webmaster

Scott Swank


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Team Roster


51 - Austin B.

48 - Andrew W.
55 - Caleb R.
61 - Cameron S.
54 - Case D.

45 - Cooper H.

66 - Corbin S.

65 - David E.
64 - Fletcher B.

50 - Jack C.

53 - Josh K.
56 - Ken G.
62 - Logan K.
47 - Matthew D.
49 - Nicholas M.
52 - Peyton T.
46 - Teo R.