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Schedule (*subject to change)


Fall 2016

Date Time Field Home Team Away Team Results
09/16   7:00pm  TC26   Lonestar 03G Red Lonestar 03G Red Nth L 2-0
10/02 10:00am BP4 AHFC 04G Lonestar 03G Red Nth L 3-0
10/09 1:00pm TC28 Lonestar 03G Red Nth Texas Rush SC 03G Rush T 1-1
10/16 10:00am GOS2 Challenge 03 Lonestar 03G Red Nth L 0-1
10/23 11:00am TC26 Lonestar 03G Red Nth Challenge 04 T 1-1
10/30 7:00pm TFP1 Lonestar 03G Red Nth Austin Texans 03G L 0-1
11/13 11:00am TC27 Lonestar 04G Red Lonestar 03G Red Nth L 5-0
12/04 3:00pm LRR Lonestar 03G Red Nth Lonestar 03G Red  


Spring 2016

Date Time Field Home Team Away Team Results
02/26   10:00am BP2 Texas Rush SC 03G Rush Lonestar 03G Red Nth  
03/05 11:00am TC27 Lonestar 03G Red Nth Challenge 03  
03/26 10:00am BP2 Challenge 04 Lonestar 03G Red Nth  
04/02 1:00pm TC24 Lonestar 03G Red Nth Lonestar 04G Red  
04/09 1:00pm TC24 Lonestar 03G Red Nth AHFC 04G  
04/15 1:00pm MM1 Austin Texans 03G Lonestar 03G Red Nth  


2016 Tournament Schedule


Aggieland Friendship Cup

August 27-28th 2016

College Station, Texas



8/27 vs Challenge 03 W 1-0
8/27 vs AHFC 03G L 0-1
8/28 vs Challenge 02 East L 0-4






Austin Labor Day Cup

September 3-5th 2016

Austin, Texas



9/3 vs LSC 03G Red South W 2-0
9/3 vs Challenge 03 East W 4-1
9/4 vs AHFC 03G Blue W 1-0
9/5 vs LSC 03G Black North

W 1-0 


Texas Cup

November 25-27th 2016

Dallas, Texas

Helpful Links:

Schedule Link: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?eventid=55018&FieldID=0&applicationID=3650560&action=Go

Tour. Rules: http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0103/7962/Texas_Cup_Tournament_and_Showcase_Rules_2016.pdf

Field Info: http://www.texascupsoccer.com/page/show/2037482-field-information

Field Map: http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0082/7024/Field_Map_Railroad.pdf


Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Soccer Complex

1301S. Railroad Street
Lewisville, TX 75057



Date Time Home Team (Light Uniform) Visitor Team (Dark Uniform) Field Location Result
11/25 11:00am String North 03G Angell Lonestar 03G Red Nth Toyota of Lewisville Railroad #1  
11/25 3:30pm Lonestar 03G Red Nth Solar Chelsea 03G Grado (F:ANDROFC) (TXN) Toyota of Lewisville Railroad #7  
11/26 11:00am Lonestar 03G Red Nth TSC Hurricane 03 Banham (OK) Toyota of Lewisville Railroad #1  



Albion Spring Warm-Up Cup

January 28-29th 2016

Houston, Texas



Texas Shootout

June 2-4th 2016

Houston, Texas





Game Day Information

  • Home game - wear white
  • Away game - wear black
  • Arrive 50 minutes prior to game
  • Wear dark red warm-up jersey to the field
  • Bring both uniform sets to games

Schedules & Scores



1st Place Austin Labor Day Cup 2016



Head Coach

Beau Fraser

Cell: 603-860-0458

Office: 512-336-5425

Fax: 512-336-7877



Team Manager

Mark Goocher

Cell: 512-799-2527




Jenny Hinson

Cell: 512-656-7598



24hr/Golf Coordinator

Julie Duncan

Cell: 706-536-5268




Mike McGregor

Cell: 512-784-4038



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