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**Regular Season-TEXAS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (TCL) & Friendly Schedule**



Date Time Home Away Location Game
9/11/16 3pm Sting 00G Comp Lonestar 00G Red McKinney-FSP#5 TCL
9/25/16 3pm Lonestar 00G Red Challenge Taylor #2 Friendly
10/2/16 3pm Lonestar 00G Red Classics Elite 99G SA-McAllister #4 TCL
10/15/16 3pm Lonestar 00G Red FC Dallas 00G Comp McMasters #1 TCL
10/16/16 1pm Lonestar 00G Red TSC 00/01G T&C #28 TCL
10/22/16 1pm Classics Elite 99G AM Lonerstar 00G Red McMasters #1 TCL
11/5/16 3pm Dallas Texans 00G Lonestar 00G Red Taylor #2 TCL


3pm 00G TCL Comp Lonestar 00G Red Taylor #1 TCL
11/19/16 5pm AHFC Lonestar 00G Red Campbell Houston Friendly
4/23/17 4pm Lonestar 00G Red Challenge 99/00 Houston- BP #4 TCL
4/30/17 1pm Lonestar 00G Red OFC 00G Edmonds OK #9 TCL
5/7/17 3pm Solar Chelsea Comp  Lonestar 00G Red Taylor #2 TCL
5/14/17 1pm AHFC 00G Lonestar 00G Red Campbell #2- Hou TCL



FC Dallas Showcase

March 4th & 5th

MoneyGram Park

Dallas, Tx


Date Time Home Away Field Result
3/4/17 10;50am Sting Dallas 00G Lonestar 00G Red MGSP #13 T 1-1
3/4/17 3:50pm Lonestar 00G Red AZ Arsenal 00G Premier MGSP #1 W 2-0
3/5/17 10:50am Lonestar 00G Red Dallas Texans 00G Black FTW MGSP #4 T 1-1




Lonestar College Showcase Schedule

Feb 4th & 5th 2017

Town & Country Fields

Austin, Tx


Date Time Home Away Field Result
2/4/17 1:15pm Lonestar 00G Red Lonestar 00G Red SA TC #22 T 1-1
2/4/17 8;15pm Lonestar 00G Red Sting Dallas 00G TC #22 L 0-2
2/5/17 9:45am Dallas Texans 00G Black FTW Lonestar 00G Red TC #24 L 0-4




D'Feeters Thanksgiving Showcase Results

Nov 25th-27th 2016

Dallas, Tx


Date Time Home Away Field Result
11/25/16 11.30am Texas Spirit Lonestar 00G Red Cox #3 W 1-0
11/26/16 1:15pm TSC Hurricane Lonestar 00G Red Cox #3 W 1-0
11/27/16 8:00am Solar Chelsea Comp Lonestar 00G Red Cox #2 W 2-1




Preseason Tourney Results:


Aug 27th & 28th 2016

Aggieland Friendship Cup

College Station, TX


Date Time Home Away Field Result
8/27/16 2:15pm Challenge 99 Lonestar 00G Red VP #4 T 0-0
8/27/16 7:30pm Classics Elite SA 98/99G Lonestar 00G Red VP #8 L 0-3
8/28/16 2:15pm Lonestar 00G Red AHFC 98G Blue C VP #10 W 2-0



Sept 3rd-5th 2016

Austin Labor Day Cup

Austin, TX


Date Time Home Away Field Result
9/3/16 11am Lonestar 00G Red Texas Rush 99/00G TC #20 T 1-1
9/3/16 5pm Lonestar 00G Red Dynamos 00G TC #20 W 2-1
9/4/16 11am Lonestar 00G Red AHFC 00G Blue West TC #28 W 3-0
9/5/16 12:30pm Lonestar 00G Red Lonestar 00G Red North NEMP #17 L 1-1**

**Lost in PK's 9-8





Fall & Spring Tourney/Showcase Schedule:


Nov. 25th-27th- D'Feeters Thanksgiving Showcase-  Dallas, TX

Feb. 4th-5th- Lonestar Girls College Showcase- Austin, TX

Mar. 3rd-5th- FC Dallas Showcase- Dallas, TX

Jun. 2nd-4th- Texas Shootout Showcase- Houston, TX



Additional Resources:


Field Status & Maps

United Soccer Clubs Home Page (USCTX)

US Club Soccer Home Page

24 Hour Marathon Info



Schedules & Scores


FC Dallas Showcase


Goals For- 4

Goals Against- 2



D'Feeters Thanksgiving Showcase


Goals For- 4

Goal Against- 1



Austin Labor Day Cup


Goals For- 7

Goals Against-3

2nd Place Medalist



Aggieland Friendship Cup


Goals For-2

Goals Against-3



Ashley Schevers




Team Manager

Steven McCready




Team Webmaster

Rob Burch




Team Treasurer

Shele McCready




Travel Coordinator

Dave Summers





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