06B DI Black NTH

Last Updated: 04/27/17 3:59pm

Congratulations to our boys for advancing to the 2017 Director's Cup State Finals! In a hard-fought quarter final tournament in Manor, Lonestar 06B D1 Black North finished 4-0, with two games won in overtime!


Other Lonestar teams to advance:


06B SII White NTH

06B SII Black STH


06G DI Black STH

06G SII Black NTH

06G SII White NTH

02G Blue NTH


The boys reach state final in the Director's Cup! Congrats


May 6/7, 2017: Directors Cup State Finals See the Director's Cup Site for details and rosters


The next Houston tournament is scheduled for

Memorial Day Weekend 2017


Head Coach: Alfie Guttieriez (email)


Team Manager: Nikki Adams

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Name #
Loch "Iron Cheeks" 16
James "Hah-mess" (not hummus) 17
Vajk "Frijolito" 18
Kevin "Meniac" 19
Luke "Skywalker" 20
Austin "Powers" 21
Landon "Groot" 22
Chase "Curly" 23
Asher "Shaggy" 24
Noah "The Ark" 25
Rahul "Arco" 26
Omar "Mini-Me" 27
Rowan "Rowanator" 30