03B Black NTH

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03B Black North


Lonestar 24 Hour Marathon 03B BN Team Page - Click Here


League Play:

United Soccer Clubs - U14 Western Division: Bracket B


Game Schedule:

Note: Offical Game Schedule per Team Manager & 03B BN TeamSnap


TeamSnap - 03BBN


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03B Black North - Team Profile



Grey Nike LS Training Top

Red Nike LS Training Shorts

Red Nike LS Training Shocks

Shin Guards

Size 5 Soccer Ball - (properly inflated to ~ 10 psi)


Game Day:

Team warm up starts exactly 30 minutes prior to scheduled kickoff - Please plan accordingly

Game Day Uniform Color - Refer to posted schedule

- Always bring both full game kits ( Black and White )

Players required to bring ample supply of Water

Players should have all equipment required including towels, sun screen, bug spray, extra laces, extra boots, extra shin guards  

Schedules & Scores


Junro Narita
Brian Tierney
Kevin Smith
Fundraising Coordinator
Albert Briones

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Player #
Hunter T 27
Dario A-M 28
Cole B 29
Itsael A 30
Alessandro B 31
Jaden C 32
Caden C-P 33
Michael D 34
Sam D 35
Nikhil G 36
Colton H 37
Kaelon J 38
Connor M 39
Joseph M 41
Liam S 42
Jake S 43
Nate W-S 44
Alec D 50