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24 Hour Marathon info below - 


Hi Everyone.
Just a reminder to get your FirstGiving page set up. Let me know if you're having trouble.
Coming up is the annual fundraiser - Lonestar Annual 24-Hr Marathon. This is where we spend the month of October fundraising to reach the target of $200,000. Fundraising will begin on October 1st and finish on November 11th.  Lonestar will then hold a soccer marathon on November 19th & 20th where we keep the ball moving for 24hours. They ask that all players aim to raise $125. ALL of the profits from this goes directly to fund our Financial Aid Program to help support Lonestar Families.  A flyer is attached that explains everything you need to know about the event as well.
I have included the FirstGiving Online instructions below.  The fundraising period will begin soon, followed by our 24 Soccer Marathon, November 19th - 20th.  All players will receive a FREE marathon t-shirt as well.
For now, please go online and ensure your son is added to their team asap.
1.   FirstGiving Online Fundraising – Click here https://www.firstgiving.com/29466/lonestar-tenth-annual-24-hr-soccer-marathon  to get started, then:
2.   Click on the Red ‘Join Now’ Button
3.   Select your team (every team is in there, please DO NOT create a new team… contact Louise Swain at lswain@lonestar-sc.com,  if you cannot find your team)
4.   Either create an account or login to your existing account
5.   Create your personalized fundraising page for the event and begin fundraising!
o   Set-up is quick and easy and allows players to email their personalized fundraising page link to friends and family, as well as share on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  
There will be Fundraising envelopes handed out (most likely in October) to the players at practice so that they can collect donations for the marathon they are taking part in or they can request donations through our Firstgiving page.
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Katherine Bevins


Tristan Donovan - Coach 


Cell - 512-864-4469

Office - 512-336-5425 


Julie Thu - Team Manager



Surav Sundar - Treasurer


Cell - 512-671-0990


Mark Montenero - Webmaster


Cell - 512-351-5782

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Kameryn Roehrig 42 G
Srihari Saravanan 47 Mid
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Jake Montenero 38 Mid
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