98B Red NTH

Last Updated: 08/28/16 1:25am

2016 Fall Season Schedule

     TBD - Stay Tuned!


2016 Boys Austin Labor Day Cup (ALDC)

     Dates: September 3-5, 2016

     Team will participate in Group A, Bracket B

     Schedule: https://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?eventid=53928&FieldID=0&applicationID=3583199&action=Go

     Standings: https://events.gotsport.com/events/results.aspx?EventID=53928&GroupID=571752&Gender=Boys&Age=19



     Home = Black

     Away = White



     Players need to arrive 45 minutes prior to every season game.

     Always take both uniforms to every game, in case there is a need to switch colors.

     Parents should not "coach" from the sidelines.


NOTE:  98B Red North is a new formed team... accomplishments resided in 99B Red North team web-page.






Coach: Steve Allison (sallison@lonestar-sc.com)

Manager: Sheryl Belloni (lsc99brednorth@yahoo.com)

Web Master: Joaquin Castillo (jrcastillo_home@sbcglobal.net)


Fundraiser Coordinator: TBD

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Player Jersey # Postion
Jacob B. 1 Defense
Anthony C. 2  
Dawson C. 3  
Brandon C. 4 Defense
Collin D. 5 Goalie
Harrison D. 19  
Hayes E. 6  
Kyle F. 7 Mid
Andy G. S. 8  
Mike G. 20  
Anakin H. 9 Mid
Nicholas K. 10 Defense
Mitchell L. 11  
Eric M. 12  
Cale O. 13  
Brandon P. 14 Mid
Christopher R. 15 Mid
Christian S. 16  
Ariel S. 17  
Benjamin T. 18 Foward
Mohamad Y. 21