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Team News & Notes:  


If you missed the team meeting, here are some notes (Thank you, Brett):


Team Level
At our age group, teams do not get to choose which level they play at in the Fall.  This is determined by the results of the previous Fall season.  So, since we finished in 1st place in S2 in the fall, there is a high probability that we will play in D1 next fall.  This isn't 100% because it is dependent on a spot in D1 opening up, and the rules around this are constantly changing.  I'm not sure we asked this, but I doubt we'll know until sometime during the summer.
Player Level
Sometimes, players will move between teams and levels because the coaches and the club feel that it is the best developmental move for the player.  Sometimes, this is based on a need on a higher level team that the club feels can be filled by a player at a lower level, but they must also feel that this player at the lower level would succeed at the higher level.  Coaches will sometimes invite players to train with different teams to see how they do at various levels.  There is an upcoming POE in which the club will evaluate the players and try and determine what the best fit is.
Playing Time
At the S2 level, there is a requirement that all players play at least 50% of the game.  Kelsey will continue to honor this rule this spring in Presidents Cup.  Next fall, if we move up to D1, there is no player time requirement.  Kelsey's personal philosophy is that while she can't guarantee that every player will get 50% playing time, she will make her best effort to ensure that all players that are prepared (e.g. train regularly) get a significant amount of playing time.  If a player plays less in a particular game for whatever reason, she will try to make that up in a later game and have that player play more at some point.  Not all coaches share this philosophy, though.
Will Kelsey be our coach next year?
That's not been decided yet and it's not up to Kelsey.  Historically, the club will try to keep a coach with a team for 2 year cycles or more, but that's no guarantee that it will be the case for us.
Golf Tournament
Kelsey expressed her appreciation that we are one of the teams sponsoring her to play in the Murray Hanson Lonestar Classic.  I'll let you guys know in the next few days when it's time to pay up.  I'll do PayPal if that works for everyone.  Should be in the neighborhood of $10/player.
Concussion Conference:  http://www.cvent.com/events/2015-annual-concussion-conference/event-summary-32e1817a45ae4289a45eb3f70f5af5b6.aspx


Monday 3/16  &  Tuesday 3/17
Westcreek-  6:30-8:00PM  (U13 & U14) 
Austin Aztex Home Opener on  March 28 @ 8pm  - House Park
If your child wishes to be a part of the game.  Ball kid, escort onto the field, etc.  Please let your coach know.
This annual golf event is in memory of a fellow Lonestar coach, Murray Hanson, who passed away suddenly two years ago.  
All teams are encouraged to place at least one team in the event.  Please register HERE
The coaches and managers are busy rescheduling the games that have been rained out due to in climate weather.  Please note that because of the back log of games, and the tightness of the schedule, there will be conflicts despite the best attempts to minimize these events.  We will try to make them minimal, but can't guarantee it.  We will let you know as soon as we get information. 
All of the teams will have parent meetings with their coaches on the following dates: 
April 14 

May 19 

We have scheduled another POE date for May 17, 2015.  This may change as this is a rain-out date for cup play, but that date is currently set.  Please make plans on your schedules. 

Regular Training:

Our regular training time is:
M/W 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 4B
If you miss one of the M/W practices, you can make-up that practice with Kelsey's 02G team:
T/Th 6:30pm-8:00pm Westcreek 3A
Spring Season ScheduleHere's a link to our schedule
Highlights for the Spring Season:
We have prequalified for President's Cup this Spring.  If you remember from the past, the Spring is 'Cup play'.  So instead of playing in a S2 or D1 level of play for our regular season games, we will play in President's Cup.  The link can be found here:  http://www.stxsoccer.org/docs/Competitions/State/2015%20Western%20District%20Cup%20PreQual%20List.pdf
2/21 - Presidents Cup starts
5/9-10 - Presidents Cup District Playoffs (*)
5/16-17 - Presidents Cup State Playoffs (*)
5/24-15 - Albion Memorial Day Cup (Houston)
June/July - Presidents Cup Regional/National Finals (*)
* - We will only participate in these events if we qualify/advance
We wear black when we are home; we wear white when we are aWay
  • Players should always bring both kits to every game
  • Please remind players to wear their red training jersey to warm-up before the games

Standings Info:

Post Season:
Game Day Info:
 When we are the Home Team, Wear Black
 When we are the AWay Team, Wear White
 Always bring both complete sets of jerseys
 Wear the red practice jersey to warm-up, then switch to the game jersey
 Arrive 45 minutes early for warm-up


Links to Field Maps:

NEMP (North East Metro Park)

CE McAllister Park

Town & Country

Holt (Brenham)
Texas Soccer Fields
Slaughter Creek
Williamson Cnty Reg. Park
Alamo Sportsplex
Specht Road Complex


LSC Field Rainout Status

Hotline: (512) 336-RAIN
CAYSA Rainout
(512) 302-4580
ACYSO Field Status
RAINOUT 210-542-9331

To receive Field Status Updates and Club Alerts on your Cell Phone. This system starts each new select soccer year. To received alerts for the 2014-2015 year, you must sign up again.


Soccer Links:

US Soccer
UT Womans Soccer
Sth Tx Soccer Blog

Lonestar Player and Parent Handbook

Nutrition Information
CDC Concussion Parent Fact Sheet | CDC Heads Up to Parents Website
Heat Illness in Athletes
Soccer on TV


24 Hour Marathon: 

Thanks to Heather & Karla & everyone who participated by fundraising, donating or playing!

Schedules & Scores


2014 - 1st place STX Fall Championships


2014 Texas Rush

U14 Girls Competitive Champions


2014 South Texas Directors Cup

South Texas Directors Cup State Silver Medalists

Western Division Playoffs - Qualified for State (2W - 0L)

Western Division - D - 1st place


2014 Presidents' Day Invitational

U13 Premier Navy Champions


2013 Austin Labor Day Cup


2013 Texas Warm-up Cup


Kelsey Rdzanek


Team Manager

Brett Hopkins

Team Webmaster

Christine Hicks



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