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Procedures and Notes:

A. All teams should be ON THE FIELD at 30 minutes before kick off. So, at 45 minutes before parents should have his player in the parking lot of the respective facility.

B. All players should always bring their "RED" training top to wear over their match top for the first 15 minutes of warm up. This is mandatory, unless they have not received their red training tops yet via eurosport.

C. All players should bring "BOTH" uniform kits - in case of uniform conflict and we have to change kits. Typically, the home team changes if there is a conflict and we will change our FULL kit if we need to at times.


Schedules & Scores


Coach: David McCullough
Cell: (512) 775-9797

Email: davidmccullough63


Manager: Annette Bogusch 
Cell: (512) 970-9926

Email: Annette.Bogusch


Sign up for field updates at: FIELD UPDATES


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Team Players
Number Last Name First Name
55 Mehta Dillan
56 Patel Kush
60 O'Keeffe Connor
63 Hewett Coleman
64 Burgess Miller
65 Senior Jacob
67 Boykin Miller
69 Whitlow Chase
70 Georgens Reece
71 Steele Joshua
72 Blanco Kyle
73 Fryklund Luke
74 Gomez Alejandro
75 Bogusch Jacob
76 Courtney Diego
77 Herrera Caleb
78 Portela Andres