LSC Player Pathway Pyramid

Player Development Pathway

The aim of Lonestar SC player development is to prepare and develop each player to reach their true potential, undertaken with a long term view of the development of our players. Developing our players for the long term ensures our individual players, teams and club will enjoy sustained success.


- Create an age appropriate, positive learning environment where individual players feel valued, respected and can enjoy playing soccer.

- Create an individual player-centric development model where each player can set their own soccer development pathway.

- Offer a complete youth soccer development pyramid where players can train and compete at an appropriate level where they are challenged and can strive to be successful.

- Develop players to reach their true potential in national, collegiate or club soccer programs.

Club Philosophy

The Lonestar philosophy is built around the mentality and psyche of the club. Our players and coaches will have positive, successful mentalities, strong values, and high expectations of themselves. The players will graduate into national, professional and collegiate programs familiar with commitment, hard work, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, discipline, leadership, responsibility and accountability. All these traits are not only related to soccer but essential in all aspects of life. Our players and coaches are smart, creative, and they strive for excellence and to be winners and leaders.

Playing Philosophy

The Lonestar playing philosophy will reflect the strengths and common characteristics: individual talent and creativity, hard work, and discipline with a strong will to succeed while playing quality soccer. We play a proactive attacking style with highly skilled players. Proactive in this sense, means that we want to control and possess the ball with the intent to penetrate and score. We play a highly skilled possession game of soccer based around the three key ‘moments’ of the game: In possession (Attacking), out of possession (Defending) and change of possession (Transition).