Lonestar - 2017 WPSL Southwest-South Region Champions

Jul 1st 2017

The Lonestar WPSL ladies win the Southwest-South region of the Central conference and solidify our reputation as the best women's soccer team in Austin and South Texas!

As regional champions, Lonestar now travels to the WPSL Conference Playoffs in Frisco on July 8th to play the Southwest-North region runner-ups FC Dallas, while the TTI Bluebonnets face the Southwest-North region champions Oklahoma City FC. The winners from each semifinal leg face off on Sunday, July 8th for the right to be crowned as the Southwest Regional Champions.

Coach Wes Schevers was ecstatic about the first place finish:

"It's a huge achievement for us to be crowned as the best women's soccer team in our region, especially for our inaugural season. After competing against so many quality teams from Houston, San Antonio, and beyond, it speaks volumes about the level of women's soccer in Austin, Texas. More importantly, it sets a precedent for us to continue performing at a higher level as we grow women's soccer here in Austin. After the Austin Aztex discontinued play, Austin has lacked a competitive, winning soccer team that the city can get behind and support. We hope to continue to transform the Austin soccer scene moving forward."

Midfielder Jackie Pope, an integral member of the squad and current Lonestar coach at the youth level, was quick to give plaudits to the team for their efforts during the season:

"The team has performed brilliantly throughout the season, and for us to stand at the top of the table is only evidence of that. To be able to call on ex-players and current coaches to don the uniform once again and perform at the highest level in Austin shows not just the quality, but also the depth of our organization. We are all definitely looking forward to the conference playoffs this weekend. FC Dallas is a well-established club, and we look to show them what Austin soccer is made of."


2017 Conference Playoffs Schedule

Saturday, July 8, 2017 - Semifinals

TTI Bluebonnets vs. Oklahoma City FC - 5:00 PM @ Frisco Memorial Stadium

Lonestar SC vs. FC Dallas - 7:30 PM @ Frisco Memorial Stadium

Sunday, July 9, 2017 - Finals

Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner - 6:00 PM @ Dr. Pink Field at Toyota Soccer Center


Keep up with the action this weekend via the Lonestar Facebook & Lonestar Instagram

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