Programs to help more kids play soccer are making Austin a soccer town

Mar 7th 2018

We are grateful to be recognized by GivingCity Austin along with Soccer Assist and Upper Ninety for impacting the lives of thousands of kids throughout the Greater Austin Area through giving and soccer.

The mission of our financial aid program is to ensure no child is ever turned away from playing organized soccer for Lonestar due to economic obstacles. 

"Lonestar provides nearly $350,000 in financial aid to more than 340 players in Central Texas", says Seth Sather, Development Director for LSC. “Most people don’t know we’re a 501(c)(3) and that the majority of the funds we raise go toward underserved communities in East Austin. Sixty-five percent of our financial aid recipients live east of I-35.

Through our mission and the work of these other grassroots nonprofits, we are forming a network of support that will bring more people into soccer and lift the entire soccer community.

Sather adds that in having a professional soccer team, the entire landscape of soccer in Central Texas would change. “Not only would our youth be able to have a clear development pathway, they’d be able to keep their talent ‘local’,” he said. “It would be a game-changer both literally and figuratively for those youth on the East Side and across Central Texas as a whole.”

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