Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Oct 1st 2017

Team sports bring us together. Whether it’s a friendly scrimmage or a national championship, experts agree that the benefits of belonging to a team are significant, and they range well beyond physical exercise. These important experiences teach lessons that help shape kids and teens’ outlooks about themselves, working with others and the world around them.

Lonestar strives to deliver the means for all youth to be a part of a team. The 24-Hour Soccer Marathon is an exciting once a year event and fundraising drive where our players come together for a common cause to provide soccer opportunities for families in need of financial aid.

Here are the top life lessons instilled by being part of a team and how participation can help kids and teens feel a sense of belonging and acceptance:

Teamwork: By working together on a team, kids and teens can learn not only how to lead, but also how to follow directions. The ability to work well with others will help them at home, at school and at game time. Young people also experience the satisfaction of working together toward a common goal, which is an essential skill to learn for successes down the road.

Sportsmanship: Whether in sports, with family and friends, or at the workplace, it’s important to know how to properly handle winning and losing. Kids and teens who learn that it’s okay to lose - and how to act when they do, gain an important skill to help them throughout their life. Through sports, they can learn to play fair, act with humility and handle both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity.

Strong character: By mastering athletic skills, players gain self-confidence that carries through to the real world. By practicing regularly they learn discipline and responsibility. By playing in a fast-paced game, kids and teens learn to handle stressful situations and make quick decisions. By being part of a team, young people experience a sense of belonging while building valuable friendships. What’s more, when parents and caregivers gather to watch games, it can strengthen communities and provide a sense of unity.

Healthy lifestyles: Three out of 10 youth are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Finding fun ways to keep kids and teens active will help fight this growing epidemic. Team sports provide a great opportunity for young people to get moving. Because it’s fun, they often don’t even realize it’s exercise. By promoting an active lifestyle from an early age, caregivers can help today’s youth learn healthy habits that can have a lifelong impact.

Practice makes perfect: To improve at sports, you need to practice. Sports teach kids and teens that if they want something, they have to work for it. Practice and proper preparation are key skills throughout life - whether for a big game, big test at school or any of life’s big challenges.

Help encourage kids and teens in our community learn these important life lessons through soccer. 

Please join us as we come together to achieve new heights and raise money so all kids may enjoy the positive life-changing opportunities that team sports provide!

Lonestar 24-Hour Soccer Marathon:

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