The Power of Partnership: Austin Angels

Aug 18th 2017
Community, Club

In soccer, as in life - so much depends on the weather, and a fortunate stroke of serendipity provided great opportunity earlier this summer. After a few rain delays and ultimately a game cancellation, the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) Southwest Conference Final (say that five times fast), was rescheduled from the FC Dallas stadium to our very own Round Rock Multipurpose Complex. Saturday, July 15th marked a great day for women's soccer in Austin as Lonestar's first-ever WPSL team, comprised of alumni and staff coaches, competed in the finals match against Houston. We may have lost the battle but proved to be a dominating force in our debut season - come summer 2018, we will be the team to watch!

Here is where the great opportunity came in, and it all began with soccer - hosting this memorable event at our home field offered the occasion to promote a higher cause, and we have been honored to partner with Austin Angels ever since. As a non-profit organization, Austin Angels mission is "to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship." Half of all ticket sales from the game were donated with the hope to positively impact the foster children in their program, a great beginning to a lasting relationship. Additionally, using soccer as a vehicle for beneficial change, Lonestar has aligned efforts with Austin Angels with the goal to improve the lives of all children in the foster system and will continue to offer every child in their program the opportunity to participate in soccer at no cost. So far we have almost 30 players signed up for the fall season!

"Being able to have the kids participate in soccer with Lonestar is amazing. I know they will get a very good taste of what soccer is all about. With great coaching and lots of new friends. Having 5 kids it does get expensive to put them in extracurriculars, so this is a huge blessing to our family! We are all really excited to be apart! Thank you so much!" - Austin Angels foster family 

"Austin Angels is extremely grateful for the partnership with Lonestar Soccer Club and their generosity in offering foster families in our program the opportunity to participate in the fall soccer season. We had many families sign up and have received lots of excitement and positive feedback. We are looking forward to a fantastic fall soccer season with Lonestar!" - Austin Angels

We are so excited to team up with Austin Angels, and look forward to spending a great fall season on the field together! To learn more about Austin Angels or see how you can get involved:

Austin Angels website