The Ultimate Soccer Tournament Packing List

Aug 9th 2017

Packing for out of town tournaments is an art form. Check out this awesome guide and never miss a thing at your son or daughter's next soccer tournament!

The Obvious:

• Jerseys (Black & White)

• Shorts (Black & White)

• Socks (Black & White)

• Cleats & Shin Guards

• Ball

• A change of clothes per day (plus one extra day) 

• Toiletries (toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)

• Camp chairs for spectators (folding, canvas type)

• Bottled water and sports drinks.

• Snacks (Healthy ones, if possible)

• Good medical kit with Band-aids, antibiotic cream, Advil, Sudafed, and athletic tape to wrap bad ankles.


The Not-So-Obvious:

• Sunscreen

• Insect spray (warm weather tourneys) 

• Sports tape and Pre-wrap. 

• Extra socks - Twice as many pairs of socks as games

• Febreeze, Woolite, etc.

• A roll of paper towels and a sheet of plastic or garbage bags (garbage bags for muddy clothes for ride home and/or to put on car seats to protect from wet uniforms)

• Permanent marker - if you do a team laundry load you will need to put the kid's # on socks, shorts, etc. 

• Dry towel for the car and the ride back to the hotel is a must.


The I Never Would Have Thought of That:

• Mesh laundry bags (one per player). The players can put their items in a bag, wash everything at once and not have to worry about which socks belong to which player.

• Ziplock bags (extra large size) - put the entire dark uniform in one baggie and the entire light colored uniform in another baggie prior to leaving home. If it rains, or when your player throws their dirty shoes/shirt in the bag the other items stay clean for the next game (especially if you are playing two in one day). Then stuff the toxic shin guards in one of the baggies for the ride home.

• Roll of quarters for laundry (change may not be easily available0.

• A second pair of cleats - These can be their old pair and can be used in case of a "shoe" emergency.

• Extra rubber bands for the girls to pull their hair back. They always seem to break when out of town. 

• Water jugs (get ice from hotel ice machine) 

• Alarm clock in case the one in the hotel is broken.

• Electrical Tape to tape up socks and shin guards.

• Duct Tape or general use and as an emergency "stop gap" to hold cleats together that "blow out" during games. 

• Fill a zip-lock bag with enough wash powder to do one laundry load, and pack it with the soccer gear; it's good to have for the wash, and if it is not used, the pleasant smell will help offset the toxic odor of shoes and shin-guards.


Some Other Tips:

• If it rains, stuff newspapers in the cleats after the games. It will wick the water and some of the smell out of the cleat and you can usually get free newspapers at the hotel. If it rains, put newspaper in their cleats to dry them out and baking-soda will take out the smell. 

• If you are driving, take a cooler w/ fruit and breakfast bars. You never know when the breakfast that your hotel promises will NOT be open. It's much easier to bring something than to find an open drive through before an early game. 

• Drier sheets - not only for the drier, but they work great in the shoes or in the dirty laundry to bring home.

• If the hotel is close to the fields, check with your hotel for a late check out. They might not let you keep all the rooms, but if you can hold on to a couple it’s always nice to have the players take a quick shower before the long ride home.

• For players going without parents, make sure you have a copy of their insurance card and a note giving permission to treat them for medical emergencies.